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Village Clerk

The Village Clerk, an elected official, is the keeper of the official records of the municipality and maintains accurate records of the proceedings of the President and Board of Trustees.  The Village Clerk maintains a file of ordinances, resolutions, bonds, contracts, and agreements which are a part of the official records of the Village.  Legal publications for the Village such as public hearings, notices of annexation, etc., are published by the Village Clerk.  The Village Clerk is the local election official and is Deputy Registrar for voter registration in Cook County and DuPage County.  The Village Clerk is responsible for issuance of solicitors’ permits.  The Clerk also serves as Secretary to the Liquor Commission, recording the proceedings of the commission and issuing all licenses as directed by the commission.  In addition, the Clerk maintains an up-to-date municipal code and prepares the monthly calendar of meetings.

You can contact the Village Clerk, Eira Corral, at (630) 823-5602.  Click here to send feedback to Eira Corral.