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Finance Department

Comptrollers Report

The Village of Hanover Park files the Annual Treasurer's Report or Comptroller's Report with the State of Illinois once the Financial Audit has been completed.  The report includes a Combined Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balances, a listing of Revenues by Source, a listing of all Vendors paid over $2,500 throughout the Fiscal Year and a listing of gross payroll for the Village's employees. 

The Report does not include a listing of all checks printed within the Village, but below is a register of all checks printed within the Village of Hanover Park, including outstanding and voided checks.

  Fiscal Year 2011 Annual Treasurer's Report (18.8KB)                                      Fiscal Year 2011 Check Register - All Checks (239 KB)
  Fiscal Year 2012 Annual Treasurer's Report (27.5KB)                                       Fiscal Year 2012 Check Register - All Checks (218 KB)
  Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Treasurer's Report (26.9KB)                                       Fiscal Year 2013 Check Register - All Checks (919 KB)