Refuse Cart Program

Service Improvement from the Cart Program

The cart system improved the quality of our collection service by:

  • Keeping papers, odors, refuse, etc. in the cart and the elements and animals out
  • Improving our community's appearance
  • Providing an easy to handle container to store and move garbage and refuse
  • Decreasing injury to the refuse collectors

Cart Placement

Since a mechanical arm on the truck performs the collection of the carts, it is important to properly place your cart at the curb. Your cart will need to be placed at the curb approximately one (01) foot behind the curb, or in cases where curbs are nonexistent approximately one (01) foot off of the pavement with the wheels facing away from the street (toward your house). Please place the cart so that vehicles parked on the street do not obstruct it, or next to mailboxes, utility poles, or fire hydrants.

Cart Usage Recommendations

Loading Your Roll-Out Cart

To place garbage in your cart, always lift the lid from the front. Be careful to not overload your cart in excess of your ability to safely maneuver it.

Moving Your Roll-Out Cart to the Curb for Collection

Make sure the lid is closed. Then grab the handle and use the convenient "tilt and go" design feature located between the wheels at the rear of the cart, and tilt the cart back slightly. Now you can safely and easily push or pull the cart. The cart is designed to withstand dragging; however, for ease of use, tilt and roll! Do not forget to always close the lid before moving and on inclines. Pull the cart uphill; push the cart downhill.

Remove Your Cart After Collection

Do not leave your cart at the curb/street. To help maintain the appearance of the neighborhood, remove your cart as soon after collection as possible. Your cart is designed to be stored in your garage or other convenient location next to your home. Carts left outside must be screened from the street. Take care to not store your cart close to a furnace, fireplace, grill or other source of heat. In order to keep track of your cart, you may want to write your address in permanent marker on the side of the cart.

Always Close the Lid

Always keep the lid closed. This will keep animals, rain, snow and ice out, and refuse and odors in the cart.

Caring for Your Cart

Your new cart is designed for ease of maintenance. To clean, simply rinse your cart with water from time to time. Let dry in the sunlight with the lid open. 

Items to avoid placing in your carts

Please, do not palace the following items in your cart:

  • Acids 
  • Concrete
  • Exposed needles
  • Gasoline 
  • Hot ashes 
  • Medical wastes 
  • Oil 
  • Paints 
  • Rocks
  • Sand 
  • Soil 
  • Solvents 

Additional Carts Request

If you need an additional cart for garbage and refuse, please contact Groot Industries. An additional monthly fee of $3 for a 64-gallon cart or $3 for a 96-gallon cart will be charged by Groot Industries.

Program Highlights

The following are highlights to remember about the refuse cart program:

  • Carts are to be used for solid waste only.
  • Cart ownership and maintenance responsibility remains with Groot Industries.
  • You should fill your cart only up to the point that allows the lid to be fully closed.
  • At no time are you restricted to the capacity of the cart for weekly collection.
  • If a need arises to place additional solid waste at the curb, the additional waste may be placed next to the cart for collection in standard cans. Or in the case of odd shaped items, those as well may be placed next to the can.