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Hanover Park recently developed a new brand, or a new story, to promote community building and economic development. With 80 different nationalities and 30 languages spoken in Hanover Park, we are, as our new tagline says, “America’s Global Village”. 

The new brand, which brings together that diversity around a new graphic identity – Hanover Park USA – which features a logo that represents diversity, inclusion and unity. The logo is a multi-colored globe that represents the cultures of the people living and working in Hanover Park, while emphasizing that in the U.S., we all come together as Americans. 

The lines of the logo also represent the roads that crisscross our community. The new brand will be featured on all village materials, signs and marketing efforts. It sets us apart from other communities because it sends a signal that we are progressive while rooted in American values – and that we value education, hard work and entrepreneurship.

New Logo & Tagline