Can my neighborhood get a “Children at Play" sign posted?

Parents who are concerned about the safety of their children sometimes request that the Village install "Children at Play" signs, believing that these signs will provide added protection to their children near roadways. Posting "Children at Play" signs in residential areas does not reduce vehicle speeds or pedestrian accidents. Most importantly, the use of these signs creates a false sense of security in both parents and children.

Of particular concern is that "Children at Play" signs may suggest to children that it is acceptable to play in Village streets, which could lead to devastating results. And, in the case of a vehicle/pedestrian accident, the pedestrian always loses. It is important to teach children to respect moving vehicles and how to be a safe pedestrian. Most importantly, children should not play in or near roadways. Questions should be directed to the Strategic Enforcement and Prevention Unit at 630-823-5481.

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