How can I enroll?

During the initial three-week opt out period you need do nothing; If you received a notice: you may already be enrolled with MC2 and will continue to be, or if you are not currently enrolled with MC2, will automatically be enrolled unless you opt out. If you received no notice, your supplier will not change.

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1. How can I enroll?
2. I have switched to another Supplier, but would like to join. Can I do this?
3. What is the current ComEd rate?
4. Will I get two bills, one from ComEd and another from the new supplier?
5. If I am automatically enrolled, can I leave the program?
6. I am enrolled in a low-income assistance program. Will I still receive those benefits?
7. Does the program impact my ComEd budget billing or auto-payment plan?
8. For specific questions, who should I call?