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Business Assistance Application

  1. Small Business Assistance Program

    Welcome to Hanover Park's COVID-19 Small Business Assistance program. Fill out the form below to apply for free signage, website, and marketing assistance.

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  3. Website and Marketing Assistance

    The website and marketing assistance will provide the following services:

    • Claim your Google profile
    • Setup and optimize Google My Business, Yelp, and Yellow Pages accounts
    • Setup and optimize Facebook Business Page
    • 30 minute website consultation
    • Help purchase domain name

  4. The Village of Hanover Park will review all application to verify that your business qualifies.

    By clicking submit, I agree that I will comply with Village sign regulations and the following conditions:

    • Use of the sign(s) is temporary
    • Sandwich board signs shall be placed within 10 feet of an entrance into the business and shall be taken down by the close of business each day
    • Signs shall not be used in high-wind environments
    • Signs shall not block any required ADA accessible route or public right-of-way
    • Windblown and attention getting devices, including balloons, shall not be attached or otherwise made part of the sign(s)
    • Sandwich board signs shall be filled with sand or water as ballast
    • Unused signs should be returned to the Village’s Community Development Department
    • The Village is indemnified for any and all damage caused by the sign.

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