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Press Releases

Red Light Cameras

Release date: Monday, June 15, 2009

Red Light enforcement cameras at the busy intersection of Lake Street and Barrington Road will be activated at 12:01 on Tuesday, June 16th.  Signs indicating that cameras are active have been posted in the intersections to deter drivers from running red lights.

Warning Period - Motorists who violate a red light at the intersection over the next 14 days will receive warning notices instead of monetary fines.

Enforcement - Monetary fines will begin being assessed at 12:01 on June 30th. The system captures violations, matches license plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles records, issues citations and collects fines. The entire process will be funded by fines that violators pay to the village.

Amber Alert Feature - This feature enables the police department to search in real time for wanted or suspect vehicles at any intersection with the village’s network of cameras. When a suspect vehicle passes thru the intersection, the system, created by Gatso USA, immediately reports the information to the police department.