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Finance Department

Annual Budget

Prior to 2015, the Village's Fiscal Year budget began May 1st and ended April 30th.  In 2015, the Village switched to a calendar year budget and now operates on a budget year beginning January 1st and ending December 31st.  The Village Board adopts the Budget in December for the ensuing budget year.  The Village Board holds a series of public meetings during to review the proposed Budget.  Resident comment is encouraged at these meetings.

 Complete Annual Budget 2017 (22.4 MB)
 Complete Annual Budget 2016 (12.3 MB)
 Complete Annual Budget 2015 (8.84 MB)
 Complete Annual Budget 2014B (6.55 MB)
  Complete Annual Budget 2013-2014 (7.72 MB)
  Complete Annual Budget 2012-2013 (12.1 MB)
  Complete Annual Budget 2011-2012 (14.1 MB)
  Complete Annual Budget 2010-2011 (9.95 MB)
  Complete Annual Budget 2009-2010 (8.15 MB)