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Fire Department

Recent Commendations

FF/EMT John Stallings received an Individual Citation Ribbon for his off-duty efforts in saving the life of a cardiac arrest patient.  On September 12, 2015 while in Reno, Nevada John happened upon an elderly man in cardiac arrest.  John's quick actions in providing CPR and his use of an Automated External Defibrillator revived the man who was then able to leave the hospital and begin rehabilitation.  Pictured (L to R) are: Fire Chief Craig Haigh, FF/EMT John Stallings and Mayor Rodney Craig.
Mayor Rodney Craig and Fire Chief Craig Haigh award members of the fire and police departments the Company Citation Ribbon for rescuing nine people from a burning apartment.

The Company Citation Ribbon is awarded for actions at an emergency scene that demonstrate the highest standard of performance while successfully completing the mission of the department.

Off-duty Deputy Chief Jim Larsen of the Glenside Fire Protection District(3rd from left) received an Individual Citation for his assistance in making the rescues from the third floor windows.

Pictured (L to R) Chief Haigh, Mayor Craig, D/C Larsen, B/C Pikora, Chaplain Dominowski, Lt. Rosenthal, FF Fuscone, FF Beltran, FF Welnowski, FF Schumann, FF Lanctot, FF Gonzalez, Officer Lomeli, FF Cooper, Officer Skonieczna and FF Conway.
Not pictured: Lt. Montalbano, FF Deldin, FF Dobberfuhl and FF Panagopoulos.
Award Recipients
On January 15th Lieutenant/Paramedic Kelly Gawlik received the Individual Citation Ribbon from Fire Chief Craig Haigh.  Lt. Gawlik, while off-duty, provided immediately life-saving medical care to a person involved in an automobile accident.  Her quick actions and accurate medical assessment are credited with stabilizing severe neck and back fractures and aiding in a positive outcome for the patient.  Pictured (L to R) are Chief Haigh, Denise Fuentes (daughter) and her son, Joan Rickert (patient), Lt. Gawlik and Mayor Rodney S. Craig.  The Rickert family made a generous donation to the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance Children's Burn Camp in Lt. Gawlik's name. Gawlik Award
FF/PM Saeed Khaja was recently recognized for his achievement of becoming a Doctor of Osteopathy.  Dr. Khaja will be completing his residency at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge while continuing his career with the fire department.

Pictured (L to R) Fire Chief Craig A. Haigh, FF/PM Khaja D.O.,and Trustee Rick Roberts.
Dr. Khaja, Chief Haigh and Trustee Roberts
Several Paramedics, EMTs and a local nurse were honored for their successful resuscitation of a heart attack patient.

Pictured along with Chief Craig Haigh and Trustee Roberts are FF/PM Scott Edwards, FF/PM Louis Panagopoulos, FF/PM Larry Anselmo and FF/EMT Brian Fisher.
Cardiac save