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Fire Department

Village of Hanover Park
Receives Funding for
CERT Equipment

Photo from left to right: Village President Rodney Craig, CHMM Secretary Robert Wachsmuth, CHMM President William Gamlin and Fire Chief Craig HaighWilliam Gamlin, President, and Robert Wachsmuth, Secretary, representing the Chicago Chapter of the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers presented Hanover Park Village President Rodney S. Craig and Fire Chief Craig A. Haigh with a two checks, one in the amount of $1,200 from the Chicago Chapter and one in the amount of $500 from the National Academy of Certified Hazardous Material Managers to be used to equip the Village’s new Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) emergency rehabilitation vehicle.

An average of 100 U.S. firefighters dies annually in the line of duty. 45% - 50% of these deaths are due to cardiac related events that are triggered by heat stress associated with fire suppression and the utilization of chemical protective suits. The heat stress impacting firefighters causes massive dehydration, substantially elevated core body temperatures, reductions in cardiac output and changes in the body’s electrolytes and chemical processes. The detrimental effects of heat stress can be minimized through on-scene rehabilitation that focuses on core body temperature cooling, rehydration, medical monitoring, rest, and calorie replacement.

In an effort to assist the Fire Department, the Hanover Park CERT members agreed to begin providing on-scene firefighter rehabilitation. CERT members underwent an intensive 24-hour University of Illinois Fire Service Institute training program focused on:

  • The physical and physiological stress of firefighting.
  • Working with the Fire Service.
  • Techniques for implementing effective on-scene rehabilitation.
  • Firefighter protective equipment.
  • Experiencing heat stress from the firefighter’s perspective.

CERT members who completed the training will staff the Fire Department Rehab Vehicle and respond to major incidents to assist the department.

The funds received from the Certified Hazmat Materials Managers will be utilized to purchase core cooling chairs and supply the CERT rehab vehicle with the initial stock of perishable supplies.