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Fire Department

Operation Division

Two fire fighters spray flames on roof.
Helicopter on street.

Fire Fighters in Haz Mat suits.

Firefighter uses Jaws of Life
Firefighters extinquish a truck fire
Fresno Truck
Graphic of a variety of Fire trucks.The Operations Division of the Hanover Park Fire Department is comprised of those resources needed for Firefighting, Vehicle Rescue and Extrication, Technical Rescue, and Hazardous Materials responses. All personnel on the department are part of the Operations Division, extending their education and training beyond firefighting duties by participating in specialty teams. The Operations Division includes activities needed to accomplish the mission of the fire department and operates in conjunction with the Training and EMS Divisions.

The Firefighting force consists of 53 rank & file personnel operating two first-response Engine Companies, one first-response Ladder Tower, two first-response Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances and Command vehicles.  In addition, two reserve Engines are available for extra alarm fires, one ALS Ambulance is available for multiple calls, and a Hazardous Materials Squad & Trailer is available for special incidents.  All members participate in the Illinois State Fire Marshal Certified Firefighter Program with nearly all firefighters certified to Firefighter III and officers to Fire Officer I or II.

Vehicle Rescue and Extrication is performed by all personnel trained in the use of specialty rescue tools such as the Hurst® Jaws of Life, hydraulic cutters & rams, air-powered lifting bags and bracing systems. Vehicle extrication equipment is carried on each first-response engine company and the tower ladder.

The Fire Department was the first to receive Loyola University's Above and Beyond Award for Prehospital Excellence for an extrication incident involving a tractor-trailer.  A heavy-duty extrication rescue along the Elgin-O'Hare Expressway has been featured in Tow Times Magazine Recovery Review. 

The Technical Rescue Team is a part of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS), which provides additional specialty equipment and personnel to assist our department with high-angle, low-angle, trench and collapse type rescues.  These types of rescues have unique equipment needs and are extremely dangerous, requiring extensive planning and precision execution.

The Hazardous Materials Team is part of MABAS Division 12.  The team responds to incidents involving all types of hazardous materials spills and leaks.  The Hazardous Materials Team responds to fixed facility incidents, as well as transportation accidents including highway and railroad emergencies.  The team has 28 Level A and Level B Technicians who can operate in a totally encapsulated environment.  All Fire Department personnel are trained to the Hazardous Materials Operations Level and can participate in hazardous materials incidents.  In addition, all members of the Hazardous Materials Team are trained for Weapons of Mass Destruction incidents, including chemical, radiological or biologic events.

Firefighter extinquishes a truck fire Firefighters stretch hose line to garage fire
Fully involved garage fire Ladder Rescue by Firefighters
Fresno Fire Charleston Fire