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Human Resources

Today, Human Resources departments are an integral part of an organization’s strategic planning and policy development.  The Village of Hanover Park’s Human Resource Department responsibilities are grouped into three functional areas: advisory, service, and control.


In our advisory capacity, our role is to develop, educate, and influence managers in the management of human resources.  We advise line managers by gathering facts, diagnosing problems, providing solutions, and offering objective assistance and guidance on employee-related problems.  For example, we will provide a supervisor with specific policy and procedures to follow for dealing with employees’ grievances, counseling employees on performance issues, and/or handling discipline.  We assist department managers in negotiating and administering collective bargaining agreements with employees represented by labor unions.  The following are the Village's current collective bargaining agreements: MAP Police Officers, MAP Sergeants, MAP Civilian, IAFF Firefighters (full-time), SEIU Firefighters (part-time) and TEAMSTERS Public Works. As advisors, it is important that Human Resources staff stay abreast of federal and state legislation affecting public employment and guaranteeing all employees and applicants equal treatment and opportunities under the law.

Bargaining union contracts

IAFF: 2015-20182012-2015  and 2009-2012
MAP Patrol: 2015-2017, 2013-2016, 2008-2011  and 2005-2008
 MAPP Sgts.:  2013 - 2016, 2009-2013
 MAP CIVILIAN:  2013 - 2017
SEIU: 2011-2015, 2015-2019 
 Teamsters.: 2017 - 2020, 2013 - 2017, 2010-2013 and 2007-2010 


A more visible role of the Human Resources Department is to provide service to the Village, its employees, and the public.  As a service function, Human Resources has diverse customers: upper and line management, employees, peers, other departments, legal and regulatory agencies, vendors, applicants, retirees, and families of employees.  Of course, one of the most important services we provide to our employee customers is payroll administration and processing.  Other services include: benefits administration, risk management, recruiting, testing, employee orientation and training, employee recognition, coordinating special events and programs for employees, implementing wellness programs, employee communication, and maintenance of employment records.


In terms of control, the Human Resources Department is involved in reviewing and measuring performance to monitor how well supervisors and employees meet the objectives and needs of the organization.  These controls can serve as a basis for evaluating supervisory and employee performance, correcting any deficiencies, and hopefully motivating supervisors and employees.

The Hanover Park Human Resources Department serves the control role by developing, communicating, and implementing organizational policies, procedures, and rules. In addition, we are responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the Village’s classification and compensation plan.  We also manage risk by coordinating with departments to provide training and preventive care to reduce the risk of injuries and by closely monitoring incidents of occupational injuries and illnesses.

Questions can be addressed to HR Director Kate Croteau at or by calling our Human Resources Department at (630) 823-5660.


Americans with Disabilities Act

 Notice Under the Americans with Disability Act
 Grievance Procedure under The Americans with Disabilities Act

P.A. 97-0609

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