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Public Works

The Public Works Building houses both the Public Works and Engineering Departments.The Public Works Department consists of the following divisions: Administration, Streets, Forestry, Public Buildings, Fleet Services, Water Treatment, Water Distribution and Maintenance, Water Meter Operations, Sewer Maintenance, and the Wastewater Treatment Division. The Department also maintains the commuter lot and the Metra Station.

The department can be contacted at (630) 823-5700, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. To report an emergency after hours, please call the Police Department at (630) 823-5500.  You can contact the Director of Public Works, T. J. Moore, at (630) 823-5700 or email him at


The Administration division oversees the planning and operation of the various divisions of the Public Works Department. The Staff consists of the Director of Public Works and one administrative assistant. The main responsibilities of this division are to set the goals and objectives for the Department.

Streets Division

The Streets Division maintains over 100 miles of Village streets, 155 miles of public sidewalk, and 112 miles of Village owned storm sewer. This division is comprised of the Streets Supervisor, five equipment operators and four maintenance workers. Operations include street sweeping, snow and ice control, pothole patching, cleaning and removal of debris from inlets and catch basins, and maintenance of pavement markings and regulatory traffic signs. This division also oversees the curb and gutter, and sidewalk replacement program which replaces $50,000 of sidewalk, and $50,000 of curb and gutter.

The snow and ice control program consist of the application of anti-icing material, salt applications, and snow removal. The Village contracts the snow removal in the 186 Village owned cul-de-sacs.

The Public Works Street Division sweeps the Village streets once a month from May through September between the hours of 6:00 am and 2:00 pm.

This division recently placed into service an emergency response trailer which is used to provide traffic control for emergency scenes or accidents.


The Forestry Division maintains Village owned trees, along with the maintenance of Village owned rights of way and all Village owned facilities including the Municipal Complex, Fire Stations, Triangle Park, Commuter Lot, the Lake Street Medians and all Village Entry way signs. The division consists of two maintenance workers and one groundskeeper. The annual branch pick up program and mulch delivery is run by this division, along with tree trimming and right of way mowing.

Public Buildings Division

The Public Buildings Division is comprised of a Building Maintenance Supervisor, two building maintenance worker II, two building maintenance worker I and three part time janitors. This division provides building maintenance and janitorial services to all Village facilities including the Village Hall/Police Station, Public Works Facility, Metra Train Station, and the two Fire Stations.

Fleet Services

This division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all Village owned vehicles and mobile equipment. The number of vehicles totals 150 and includes all Police Vehicles and Fire Apparatus. The division is comprised of the Fleet Services Manager and four mechanics.

Water Treatment Division

This division is responsible for the daily supply of drinking water to the Village residents and businesses. The Water Supply Supervisor and two water supply operators are responsible for the maintenance of seven water tank/tower structures which hold seven million gallons of water, along with four emergency back up wells. The Village is a member of the Northwest Suburban Joint Action Water Agency which provides the Village with its drinking water supply from Lake Michigan, through the City of Chicago. The Village consumes an average of 2.7 million gallons of water per day.

Water Maintenance Division

This division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 112 miles of water main, 1,482 fire hydrants, and 1,538 distribution valves.  Made up of the Distribution Supervisor, three equipment operators, and four maintenance workers, this division’s operations include hydrant flushing, water main break repairs, valve exercising/repairs, b-box repairs, and marking the Village owned utilities as part of the JULIE one-call system.

Water Meter Operations

This division is supervised by the Water Distribution Supervisor, and consists of one maintenance worker. The Village changed all of the individual water meters over to remote radio reads, which allows the Village to read all of the water meters with a laptop computer by driving through the Village. This division is also responsible for repairs to broken water meters and other service related calls.

Sewer Maintenance

This division is staffed by the same people as the Water Distribution Division and is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 94 miles of sanitary sewer. Operations include the flushing of the sanitary sewers, emergency repairs, and televising of the Village’s storm and sanitary sewers.

Wastewater Treatment Division

This division is responsible for the operation of the Village’s sanitary sewer treatment plant, which is located in DuPage County. The plant, which has been awarded the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Plant of the Year in both 1994 and 2013, treats all wastewater from the DuPage County portion of the Village. The Sewage from the Cook County portion of the Village is treated by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. This Division's goal is to protect the receiving stream water quality by continuous and efficient plant performance, and produce a quality effluent that meets the parameters set forth by the Federal and State Environmental Protection Agencies.  The Division, which is comprised of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor and four plant operators, is also responsible for the eight sanitary sewer lift stations throughout the Village.