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Solid Waste Services

Monthly Rates
Billing Procedures
Basic Refuse Rules
Move-ins and Move-outs
Cart Service

On May 20, 2015, the Village Board authorized a five year extension to the residential garbage and refuse collection and disposal contract. The contract will expire on June 30, 2020.  Effective September 11, 2017, Groot Industries and Republic Services completed a buy/sell transaction.  Going forward the remaining contract will be with Groot Industries.  There are no changes to the garbage and refuse collection program, and residents have no limitation on the number of containers placed at the curb on collection day. In addition, there are no changes in the curbside recycling, yardwaste collection, or brush pick up programs.

Allied Waste Services TruckA cart system was initiated for garbage and refuse for all customers under the contract.  Please remember that if you leave your cart outside it must be screened from view of the street. This regulation is no different than in the past when residents utilized 35 gallon plastic or metal containers.  Click here for more information on the refuse cart program.

The rates charged for all services did not increase on July 1, 2015. The rates for all services will be fixed over the next year, and a rate schedule can be found below. The service rates in all categories will increase in future years due to increases in fuel, labor, tipping fees, transportation and final disposal costs. Our garbage and refuse is currently hauled to the DuKane transfer station in West Chicago. From there it is loaded into large semi-transfer trailers and transported to a landfill in Livingston County in Pontiac, Illinois for final disposal.

All single family homes, duplexes, triplexes and the Church Street Station, Court J, Fremont Junction, Hartford Square, Larkspur, Olde Salem, Rainbow Point Sacramento, Rainbow Point West, Savannah Subdivision, Tall Oaks and Tanglewood Homeowners Associations are required to have garbage and refuse collection and disposal by Groot Industries.

The Village and Groot Industries are dedicated to providing the highest quality service at the lowest possible price. If you have comments regarding the program, Groot Industries performance, or general service concerns, please call the Village at (630) 823-5700 or Groot Industries at (866) 782-5161.

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Rate Per Dwelling Unit per Month

Desription Type of Bill 7/1/17-6/30/18
Single Family, Duplexes, Triplexes Individual $23.94
Church Street Station Individual  22.68
Court J Homeowners Association Individual  22.68
Fremont Junction One Invoice  21.01
Hartford Square Individual   22.68
Larkspur One Invoice   21.01
Olde Salem One Invoice   19.89
Rainbow Pointe Sacramento Individual    22.68
Rainbow Pointe West Individual    22.68
Savannah Subdivision Individual    22.68
Tall Oaks of Hanover Individual    22.68
Tanglewood One Invoice    16.75
Yardwaste Cart Service (96 gallon)      27.13
Yardwaste Sticker        2.65
Special Pickup (per yard)      25.00
Appliance Pickup (white goods)     35.00
Additional Refuse Cart (64 gallon) per month       3.00
Additional Refuse Cart (96 gallon) per month       3.00

Back to TopBilling Procedures

Except for certain instances in which the bill for refuse pickup for all the homes in one area is sent to the Homeowners Association, refuse bills are mailed to Hanover Park residents on a quarterly basis.

Basic Refuse Rules

The bills are due 30 days after receipt for advance services.  This billing policy helps keep rates as low as possible.

  1. Do not store garbage containers or carts in the front yard. Containers can be stored in the corner side and side yard only if they are screened from public view from the street.
  2. Building and landscaping materials can be stored in the front, corner side, or side yards only if a building permit has been issued.
  3. Do not put garbage, refuse, recyclables, or yardwaste out for collection earlier than 5:00 pm preceding your pickup day.
  4. Please remove your containers or anything not collected by Republic Services within 24 hours after your pickup day.
  5. Load your recycling bin properly so newspaper does not blow out all over the neighborhood on windy days.
  6. Do not locate compost piles in front or corner side yards and maintain the compost pile to control odors.

Thank you in advance for following these regulations and maintaining clean neighborhoods.

Back to TopMove-ins and Move-outs

Please notify the Groot Industries office if you are moving out of your home or if you have recently moved into a home in Hanover Park so that billing records can be kept accurate and up-to-date.

Back to TopCart Service

Groot Industries optional cart service provides you with an attractive, well-designed 64- or 90-gallon container that replaces as many as four 20-gallon cans. These sturdy carts are easy to use, are resistant to animals, and make your neighborhood cleaner and more attractive on pick up days.

Residents can also rent carts in addition to the one provided. The rental rate is $3.00 per month for a 64-gallon or 96-gallon cart.

Carts are also available for yardwaste. The fee is $27.13 and you do not need to purchase yardwaste stickers if you use a Groot Industries cart for yardwaste.