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The Village of Hanover Park strives to be responsive to our residents' concerns and operate in a fiscally responsible and efficient manner.  Government transparency, or the ability to access information and documents, is a priority of the Village President, Board of Trustees, and staff.

While much of the information below is located in other areas of the website, this page consolidates a variety of key information all in one place.

Elected and Administrative Officials
Meeting Information
Public Records
Financial Audits
Salary and Benefits
Taxes and Fees


1)  Elected and Administrative Officials

The website should include contact information (Phone & E-mail) of all elected officials, the top administrator, and the head administrator for each department.
Elected Officials

Administrative Officials:

Village Manager's Office
Juliana Maller, Village Manager
Ph: 630-823-5608
Fax: 630-823-5607

David Webb, Deputy Village Manager
Ph: 630-823-5611
Fax: 630-823-5607

Community & Economic Development Department
Shubhra Govind, Community & Economic Development Director
Ph:  630-823-5780
Fax:  630-823-5782

Finance Department
Remy Navarrete, Finance Director
Ph:  630-823-5790
Fax:  630-823-5786

Fire Department
Craig Haigh, Fire Chief
Ph:  630-823-5800
Fax:  630-823-5810

Human Resources
Kate Croteau, Human Resources Director
Ph:  630-823-5660
Fax:  630-823-5659

Information Technology
Jed Gerstein, IT Director
Ph:  630-823-5670
Fax:  630-823-5786

Police Department
Michael Menough, Police Chief
Ph:  630-823-5500
Fax:  630-823-5499

Public Works/Engineering
T. J. Moore, Engineering & Public Works Director
Ph:  630-823-5700
Fax:  630-823-5704

2)  Meeting Information

The Village shall provide notices about public meetings of its governing board, and minutes of past meetings.  Websites should
have meeting agendas for future and/or past meetings, and board packets so citizens and elected officials have equal access to the information used to make legislative decisions.

3)  Public Records

The Village website shall include the name, address, phone number, and an electronic contact method for the Village Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer, along with the address, phone number, and electronic submission method for FOIA requests.  The Village website shall also include the FOIA process response time and any fees charged by the Village in connection with FOIA requests and responses.

4)  Budgets

The website should include the current-year budget and the budget for the prior 4 years (5-years total).

5)  Financial Audits

The website should include regular audit information for the past 5-years, specifically the comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) for the agency's total performance.  Additionally, websites should include special project report results (such as TIF districts and special construction projects), audit schedules and performance audits for government programs.

6)  Expenditures

The website should include a Checkbook Register and Credit Card expenditures to all individuals and third-party vendors.

7)  Salary and Benefits

The website should contain compensation information for each individual employee including wages, salary, overtime, health, dental, life, pension, etc.

8)  Contracts

The website should include contracts posted online for the last 5-years; including bids and contracts for purchases over $25,000 and Labor agreements with all all employee groups.

9)  Lobbying

The website should include a list of any taxpayer-funded lobbying associations that it helps to fund by paying association or membership dues.  Additionally, if the unit of government directly contracts with a lobbying firm, that should be disclosed.  

10)  Taxes & Fees

Website should include detailed information for any type of tax or fee that it levies includes sales, property, income, and miscellaneous taxes, fees on residents and businesses.