Comprehensive Plan

Long-Range Land Use Planning

The Comprehensive Plan provides the long-range goals for land use and community facilities for the entire Village. It provides Village officials with a set of policies and principles to be implemented through municipal regulations and through the development approval process. While the Comprehensive Plan reflects many existing land uses, it also designates many of the remaining vacant portions of the Village for commercial and business park uses.

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1998 and was updated in 2010 after extensive community input which included a community survey completed by Village residents, interviews of influential community stakeholders, public forums, a public hearing, and the ongoing guidance of the Village's Development Commission. In 2012 the Village Board adopted a Sub-Area Plan for the Village Center, which incorporates Transit Oriented Development (TOD) principle. The TOD plan replaced the Village Center portion of Chapter 5 in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan.

In 2017 Long Range Planning included completion of the Homes for a Changing Region study and in-depth planning for the Village Center.

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