Police & Citizens Connected (PACC)

Message From Chief JOHNSON

Thank you for your interest in the Hanover Park Police Department’s new community outreach initiative, Police and Citizens Connected. We are continually seeking new and innovative ways to partner with the community and enhance our service level.

To that end, this initiative will seek to utilize modern technology and social media platforms to improve our ability to both receive and share information with our residents. I would like to both welcome and encourage you to participate in the program and tell your friends and neighbors about it.

Remember - the more information we receive from our citizens, the better we are able to address concerns and enhance the livability of our community.
I look forward to your assistance in keeping Hanover Park safe!

Program Overview

In January of 2010, the Hanover Park Police Department implemented a new, community-based policing strategy The Area Response Team (A.R.T.) Program. The A.R.T. Program's main goal is to reduce Part I Crime and was implemented to ensure the following:

  • Increase community familiarity and intelligence
  • Increase communication with the public
  • Provide opportunities for officer involvement, participation, ownership, and the chance to see visible results of their work
  • Focus policing efforts to enhance efficiency


The P.A.C.C. program has seven components:


The e-Alert program is an email alert program that allows Village residents and non-residents to receive email alerts about crime, crime prevention tips, and other Village alerts directly to their email account.


The Police Department is on Facebook. The Police Department posts information about various matters like crime, crime prevention, traffic problems and other issues that either affect the Village as a whole or the respective ART Area. Visit our Department Facebook Page.

police contact us web page

The Police Contact Us Web Page allows residents and non-residents to stay connected with the Hanover Park Police Department. Citizens can submit tips on General Crime, Drugs, Gangs, Traffic, Parking, and Code Enforcement. They can also Commend an Officer or Police Employee, receive directions to the Police Department, and easily look-up contact information for the Police Department and Supervisors.


Nixle is a community information service that allows subscribers to receive geographically relevant information. The service is free to all citizens and is available to anyone with a cell phone or smartphone. The Hanover Park Police Department can send you alerts via text message, email and over the web. Alerts can include crime information, traffic problems, crime prevention tips and other police related information.

To sign-up go to the Nixle website. Residents should set their location to your home address and non-residents should set their location to their work, school or other location in Hanover Park.

Accurint Crime Mapping

NOTICE: Crime mapping data is unavailable after June 18, 2019 due to switching to a new Police Report Management System. Once the mapping system is connected to the new Report Management System, we anticipate providing data back to June 18th to current.

The Hanover Park Police Department uses the Accurint Crime Mapping public crime map to share crime data with the public through an easy-to-use online crime map and analytics dashboard. The data is displayed with eight fields of limited offense information to protect victim privacy. This is a valuable tool for the Police Department to communicate crime activity to Hanover Park’s citizens and the media. Accurint Crime Mapping has easy-to-use mapping for the public which includes address searching, date range filters and twenty-seven crime categories that make it easy for the public to view the crime information that matters to them most. 

In addition, Accurint Crime Mapping has simple dashboard analytics that allow citizens to use meaningful analytics, including a time of day and day of week graph, helps the them interpret crime activity so they can take action and stay safe. Another feature of RAIDS Online is Neighborhood Watch crime alert emails. A citizen can set up automated neighborhood watch emails to keep them up-to-date on recent crime activity near their home, school or other place of interest. RAIDS Online also has a short web form which makes it easy for the public to quickly submit an anonymous tip directly to the Police Department. The final feature of Accurint Crime Mapping is sex offender mapping. Registered sex offenders in the Village are mapped alongside the crime data.

RAIDS Online Training Video


In December 2013, The Police Department added Twitter to our PACC program. We tweet @HanoverParkPD. The Police Department will tweet information about various matters like crime, crime prevention, traffic problems and other issues that affect the Village.


YouTube will be used by the Department to post videos that are created by the Police Department. In addition, videos of crime and other incidents will be posted to enlist the public’s help in solving crime incidents. Visit us on YouTube at HanoverParkPD.