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  • In 1953, after being bounced around between school districts, 72% of the Hanover Park Ontarioville residents vote to enter Elgin Unit School District 46. U-46 officials didn’t want the students, but agreed to let them in the district if more than 70% of the residents voted in favor of it.
  • There are still more horses than people in 1956. The population of Hanover Park/Ontarioville is 450, but the town has now spread into two counties, Cook and DuPage.
  • Lake Street is now four lanes and blacktopped.
  • To avoid getting swallowed up by neighboring communities, the residents vote to incorporate the Village of Hanover Park. It becomes official on August 14, 1958, and Ontarioville is not included.
  • On September 27th, 1958, Hanover Park had 175 registered voters and all but one person cast their ballots. The election brought Gordon Jensen to become Hanover's Park's first Village President along with member's of his "People's Party" were elected to the remaining positions in the Village.
  • The first census was taken on Oct 1st, 1959 showing a population of 330 residents. Today our population is just under 38,000 residents.
  • The first Village Board: 
village board