Squad H15

About the Vehicle

Haz Mat 15 is a 2014 Pierce 18 feet Encore Hazardous Materials Squad (HazMat). This unit is assigned to Fire Station 1 and is cross-staffed with HazMat Technicians from other companies. HazMat monitors and leak mitigation kits from MABAS Division XII Hazardous Incident Response Team, HazMat absorbent supplies; a 6000 psi on board cascade system and a mounted 6000 watt light tower.

This unit is also part of the MABAS Statewide deploy-able Hazardous Incident Response Team. The Division HazMat Team is comprised of personnel from each of the member departments or fire protection districts responding jointly to mitigate hazards. Team members train together monthly and operate under joint standard operating guidelines .

Hanover Park is responsible to maintain and respond with this unit to all communities within the division, on inter-divisional requests and as part of the MABAS state and national response task forces.

Equipment List

  • 1 - Decon Shower
  • 2 - Pool Decontamination System
  • 4 - 6000 psi air cascade system
  • 50 kW Generator
  • 6 - 60 Minute SCBA Units
  • 6000 W Light Tower

  • Hazardous Materials Monitoring Supplies
  • Hazardous Materials Spill Containment Materials
  • Inflatable Tent with Heater
  • Leak Mitigation Kits
  • Level B Entry Suits
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