Business Seminars & Webinars

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  1. Sept. 28 @ 10am-12pm - SBDC Live Webinar: Legal Entities & Protecting Business Relationships

    Do you know the importance of properly forming and maintaining an entity, whether a corporation or an LLC? In this seminar, you will learn the steps to form one legally along with how to protect business relationships through proper business contracts. Read on...
  2. Sept. 29 @ 10-11am - SBDC Live Webinar: Tax Basics

    In this session we will cover how business income can be taxed and treated based on the variety of ways a new business is set up with the state and the IRS. Read on...
  3. Sept. 30 @ 11am-Noon - SBDC Webinar: 9 Rules of Branding

    This webinar will cover the 9 Rules of Branding and the steps you can take today to create a better, and stronger image for your business. Establishing a great brand helps you create a clear and concise reputation as you grow your business. Read on...
  4. Oct. 5 @ 10-11am - ITC Live Webinar: Cross-Cultural Communication & Negotiations

    Join this one-hour workshop to develop cultural awareness and learn some practical tips for how to manage cross-cultural communications/ negotiations more effectively. Read on...
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Recordings of past Village-sponsored events

Regular Village Events

Business Education Seminars on Technology (B.E.S.T.) - The B.E.S.T. series was created to educate our businesses on how to use technology to help them grow.  B.E.S.T. has grown to include seminars on marketing strategies, the importance of social media, and financial planning.

Small Business Forums - An annual event for Hanover Park's small businesses with presentations from industry experts and successful business owners, the Small Business Forum includes a panel to discuss various topics, including growing, funding, and marketing your business, networking opportunities, and a question and session.

Special Village Events

Town Hall Meeting with ComEd – Solar Power & Efficiency Programs -  ComEd and their energy partners how solar energy and other energy efficiency services and programs would benefit Hanover Park employers and owners of multi-family housing complexes.

Assessor's Town Hall - Hanover Park hosted Fritz Kaegi, the Cook County Assessor, to discuss the property assessment process.

workNet DuPage- Available Workforce Development Services and Funding for Businesses